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    We are a network of massage salons
    focused on tantric and relaxion
    full body massage.

    "Touch is the key that opens the way to trust, to feeling accepted and loved."

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    Intensive and sensual full body massage

    Releases tension, stress and deeply held blocks.
    It has a beneficial effect on the whole organism, relaxes the body and soul and harmonizes the human energy system.

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    Touches of Awakening

    Tantric massage is a ritual where through physical sensuality you receive
    and deepen your life energy, you find relaxation and are filled with excitement.

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Tantric and relaxion massagee - Brno and Jihlava.

"Through conscious touch we want to awaken the life energy in people
so they can find themselves and live a fulfilled life."

In today's fast-paced world, there are high demands placed on everyone in their professional and personal lives. The hustle and bustle of the day then leaves its indelible marks, exhaustion, stress or fatigue. So, give yourself space and time. Time that is only for you. It is a unique opportunity to regain your life energy and regain your lost balance. Get to know your body and your soul so that you can once again feel peace in your heart, in your relationships and in your life in general.

These experiences are brought about by Tantric philosophy, the teaching of loving relationship with the world, with people and most of all with oneself. Tantra teaches to live life to the fullest, to be aware of the ever-present moment and to experience it with all mindfulness. Tantra also sees sexual energy as an important part of life, a force that helps develop our creativity, mental and physical fitness, and spiritual activity. The ancient and sophisticated ritual of tantric massage is designed to awaken and strengthen sexual energy.

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What can you look forward to during the massage?

  • Establishing an intimate relationship

    We always talk to the client beforehand. We create a space of safety and openness, which is so necessary for the following ritual. We get to know each other and indulge in small treats. There is also the option of a shower as a part of the initial treatments. This ritual is not included in the massage time.

  • Mutual attunement

    A short initial tune-up. With gentle touches we reduce tension so that the body becomes relaxed and then spontaneously receives the exciting tantric ritual.

  • Oil-free massage

    We pamper your body with fingertips or various soft objects such as feathers, fur or hot washcloths. We alternate different types of touch to sensitize the body, relieve you of tension and make this unique moment more present. Each touch evokes a different sensation, and through these techniques you will be better able to relax from the flow of thoughts and find harmony.

  • Full body oil massage

    A slow and very relaxing massage. Using gentle touches, feelings of excitement and deep relaxation alternate. We treat every part of the body from head to fingertips, including intimate areas. By directing the currents of sexual energy, we tune ecstatic states and states of harmony. The result is a feeling of peace, tranquility and bliss.

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